Thank you so much for your support during our 2022 season!  




Dear Patrons and Friends, Fall has quietly snuck in and all of a sudden, traditional Trout Season has ended as have our Saturday hours at the museums.  We’re always available to accommodate off cycle tours and visits – please e-mail to make an appointment!


We’ll be publishing an end of season newsletter, within the next couple of weeks, along with a peek into what we’re planning for the 2023 season (hint – It’s going to be fun)!


Last, but not least… We still have a handful of guests lined up; so please continue to look for new episodes of The BackCast Podcast to be released over the next month or two.  The podcast really took off this summer with downloads from 45 states and 15 countries.  While we’re no threat for national syndication, Richard, Glen & John do have fun and enjoy providing you with an entertaining show.


Enjoy our beautiful fall weather!  Your LTHS Board