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The Lovells Historical Society is pleased to announce their 2022 display “Artisans of the Au Sable”.  The Au Sable watershed, and in particular the Lovells community, has a rich tradition of skilled and talented people whose passions include boat building, rod making, quilting, painting, photographing, and fly tying.  Please join us as we look at various arts and crafts that have provided so many hours of fun to members of our community. 


Here’s a quick overview of what we have in store for you this season…


Saturday April 30th – Trout Season Opener

  • We’ll have various artists and artisans on hand to show off their wares and answer questions.

  • Leaky Wader 1K – it’s Back!  $20 registration fee includes a nice entry prize.  Before the race; we’ll be dedicating the new kayak access site. 

May 14th – Rod Makers

  • We’ll have several rod makers on site with examples of their work.  Stop by, ask questions, cast a bamboo rod, have fun!

May 28th – Fly Tyers

  • Our part of the world has some of the best tyers in the world and is home to a number of amazing fly patterns.  Bring your vice and materials, sit around, tie a few flies and/or learn a new pattern or two!

June 4th – Quilting and Fabric Arts

  • Please join us as we display a variety of quilts and fabric crafts from some of our local artisans.  The guys don’t get to have all the fun; these ladies have some amazing work.  This will be a treat for quilters and non-quilters alike.

June 11th – Au Sable river boat makers

  • The Au Sable watershed is home to one of the most innovative and efficient boat designs ever.  Once used to ferry supplies up and down the river to loggers, the Au Sable long boat has been modified to serve as an amazing fishing platform.  If you like wood boats, you’ll enjoy this spotlight.

June 25th – Wood Carving, Painting, Pottery, Photography and Sculpture

  •  Whether you want to see duck decoys, beautiful landscapes, earthen ware or a life-sized copper fisherman; join us for this week’s spotlight.  So many talented folks and so many different examples!

August 27th - Cabin Quilts

  • One of our unique community attributes is the presence of over 60 Cabin Quilts.  Local resident Marcy McKinney is the driving force behind this effort.  Please join us to see how residents have enhanced their homes.


September 10th – Art Sale

What a great way to close the season.  We’ll have a variety of artisan crafted goods for your review and purchase.  Many of the artists have offered the proceeds from the sale of their goods to the Museum.  Your patronage is greatly appreciated!  The proceeds from this sale will go towards funding our annual scholarship - so, Yes, buy a bunch!