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The BackCast Podcast

The BackCast Podcast


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  Richard and I are back for a special episode with film maker Robert Thompson.  Our regular listeners may recognize RT’s name from his film The River.  We’re especially pleased to be one of the first stops on his “new film tour” celebrating the release of a streaming offering called Night of the Hex II.


As June arrives in the Midwest, it ushers in the emergence of the "Michigan Mayfly" Hexagenia Limbata. This prolific hatch comes off at night and with it brings out the biggest trout to gorge on these bugs.  This is truly a unique fishing experience and can offer an angler both heartbreak and the possibility of a trophy brown trout, often in a single night.  


Follow five Midwestern fly fisherman, through various obstacles, as they chase this hatch and hunt these large brown trout under the cover of dark. "Night of the Hex II" offers a glimpse into the fly fishing culture on Michigan's Au Sable river and what goes into fishing a hatch that is so unique, it has rarely been photographed.


Preview/Rent/Buy on Vimeo - Click Here

Catch up with RT on Instagram @thirdyearff 


We hope you enjoy this off cycle episode and we wish you a fantastic holiday season!  

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