The BackCast Podcast

The BackCast Podcast  

This week Richard and John are joined by Mark Mackey and Rod Jenkins of the Bamboo Bend Project.  Last week we heard from Dave Jankowski, this week we get his illustrator!  We'll dig into more of the in's and out's of the Bamboo Bend gang, hear about living by oneself in Alaska and more.  This is a fun episode; we're confident you'll enjoy it!

Mark Mackey - Raised in northern Wisconsin, a land rich in outdoor activities and forests laced with wild trout streams.  Received Biology degree from Northland College in Ashland, WI and worked as a biologist for the National Park Service from 1988-1990, and later Joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1990.  He Served well and faithfully in the Marines for 23 years as an Infantry Officer and attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.


Rod Jenkins, aka Bald Eagle, is a retired airline pilot and former Air Force pilot.  He has witnessed many of the stories in this book and been a character in a few. In retirement, he has pursued his interest in drawing and watercolor painting.  Rod has enjoyed all things fly fishing for more than 50 years. He enjoys fly tying, bamboo rod making, and time spent sharing these skills with anyone interested.  One of his greatest joys is being an instructor in the Project Healing Waters/Bamboo Bend School that teaches military veterans how to make a bamboo fly rod.


You can learn more about Bamboo Bend by clicking this link:


You can buy Dave Jankowski’s book (properly illustrated by Rod Jenkins) at Dave’s site:

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