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Neumann Room

The 2017 exhibit featuring Art Neumann recognized his significant and continued contributions in behalf of cold water conservation, and the trout.  The construction and dedication of the T.U. Monument honoring Art Neumann established a lasting symbol of appreciation and gratitude for his  efforts.   Accordingly, the LTHS board considered it appropriate to initiate a capital project expanding our trout Fishing Museum to create a permanent exhibit featuring Mr. Neumann to compliment the T.U. Monument.. 

Art Neumann was a singular influence in the creation of Trout Unlimited and Trout Unlimited's continuing program supporting cold water conservation and responsible fisheries management.   We consider the Neumann exhibit a proper and necessary effort to recognize Art Neumann, his message, and keep his good work visible for contemporary and future sportsmen.   

We would like to express our thanks to the many individuals and organizations who contributed the time, effort, funds, and good wishes critical to making this project a success.  We have a plaque in the exhibit acknowledging contributions, and contributors.  

The Neumann Room was opened to the public at the April 2019 Trout Opener.  We have attempted to make this exhibit an accurate reproduction of Art's Wanigas shop.  However, it remains a work in progress and we will continue to add relevant items to the exhibit as they become available.  If you have artifact you may be willing to donate or loan to the exhibit please get in touch.     

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