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Donations are a major source of funding for Historical Society events and activities, as well as, the Museum Operations.  Your financial contributions are very much appreciated.

 If you would like to volunteer to serve on a committee, work an event, or be a volunteer docent please give us a call to discuss how you can help.

Contribution Form



$20.00       $25.00        $30.00     $35.00    $50.00     $100.00     $200.00 

I would like to participate as a LTHS Volunteer (Please provide info below and we will get in touch) 

Name: ________________________ 

Address: ______________________ 

City: __________________________ 

State & Zip Code” ________________ 

Email: ________________________ 

We can accept credit cards with the following additional Info: 

Card Number _____________________ 

Expiration Date ____________________ 


ZIP Code ________________________

Phone Number _____________________ 

Receipt will be e-mailed. 

(Please provide your e-mail and get all the latest news and updates throughout the year while helping us control mailing costs. We do not share your email address.) 

LTHS is a 501(C)) (3) Organization 

All donations include a membership 

Please mail your contributions to: 

Lovells Township Historical Society

P.O. Box 2505

Grayling, MI 49738



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