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Lovells Township Historical Society

We are open from 10:00am - 3:00pm each Saturday during Michigan's Trout Season (last Saturday in April until the last Saturday in September).

Please e-mail to set up an off cycle visit we love showing off the museums for our patrons!

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Lovells Township Historical Society

The August 1990 Heritage Days Celebration marked a pivotal moment, promoting the creation of the Lovells Township Historical Society. Driven by our community's desire to celebrate its rich heritage, individuals rallied together with a shared vision: to preserve the essence of Lovells through its artifacts, documents, photographs, and cherished memories.

In 1991, Rudolph Pallone bestowed upon the Society a remarkable gift: the historic Lone Pine Schoolhouse, the community’s original one-room log structure which was constructed in 1906 by James Kellogg and Gustav Ernst. This generous contribution marked the Society's maiden endeavor, setting the stage for its enduring mission.

Supported by the community, the painstaking process of relocating and restoring the Lone Pine Schoolhouse commenced in the summer of 1991. Upon its refurbishment, the Schoolhouse emerged to serve as a showcase of the community’s past.

The evolution continued in 2001 with the construction of a second museum building. Crafted from logs, this building became the home of the Lovells Museum of Trout Fishing History—interestingly and uniquely we are Michigan's ONLY trout fishing history museum. We invite you to check out our yearly themed displays, our tribute to the Unsung Heroes of the Au Sable, along with our reproduction of Art Newman’s Wanigas fly shop.

Beyond the museums' walls, the Lovells Township Historical Society remains an active steward of community engagement. We invite you to visit our site again to stay up-to-date with our display, events and podcasts.


We also invite you to consider gifting appropriate artifacts to the museum for everyone’s enjoyment!  Your gifts and donations are always appreciated!  The Lovells Township Historical Society proudly operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Visit from Trout Unlimited President Chris Wood

Chris Wood in the Art Neumann Rod Shop.j

Chris Wood in the Neumann Exhibit

Chris Wood Richard and John.jpg

Richard Perry, Chris Wood, and John Porteous in the Trout Fishing Museum

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